• Waltz (Round Acrylic Cosmetic Packaging Series)

Waltz (Round Acrylic Cosmetic Packaging Series)

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Waltz (Round Acrylic Cosmetic Packaging Series) (waltz)

Cosmetic Packaging Collection - Waltz
D / E Series

D Series / E Series

The traditional elegant design shows simplicity and posh, grants you the charm of magic mirror.
[Acrylic Round Lotion Bottle and Cream Jar Packaging Collection. Bottle capacity from 15ml to 200ml, Jar capacity from 15ml to 200ml.]

COSJAR - WALTZ (D / E Series)

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Item No.Shape:Capacity:Size (mm):Material:
D-10 Round 10ml Ø62 * H38 MS / PP
D-15 Round 15ml Ø62 * H38 MS / PP
D-20 Round 20ml Ø62 * H38 MS / PP
D-30 Round 30ml Ø62 * H50 MS / PP
D-50 Round 50ml Ø71 * H55 MS / PP
D-60 Round 60ml Ø71 * H56 MS / PP
D-70 Round 70ml Ø62 * H80 MS / PP
D-100 Round 100ml Ø92 * H58 MS / PP
D-150 Round 150ml Ø92 * H70 MS / PP
D-200 Round 200ml Ø90 * H86 MS / PP
E-15 Round 15ml Ø32 * H102 MS / PETG
E-30 Round 30ml Ø37 * H115 MS
E-50 Round 50ml Ø37 * H136 MS
E-100 Round 100ml Ø50 * H157 MS / PETG
E-120 Round 120ml Ø46 * H178 MS
E-200 Round 200ml Ø58 * H182 MS / PETG

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