• Waltz (Acrylic Luxury Cosmetic & Skincare Packaging)

Waltz (Acrylic Luxury Cosmetic & Skincare Packaging)

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D Series / E Series

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Waltz (Acrylic Luxury Cosmetic & Skincare Packaging) (waltz)

Cosmetic Packaging Collection - Waltz
D / E Series

The traditional but elegant design shows simplicity and posh in our Waltz series. The advantage of this range is its complete size from 10ml to 200ml, there are 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 60ml, 70ml, 100ml, 150ml & 200ml jars and the 100ml & 200ml bottles.

COSJAR - WALTZ (D / E Series)

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Item No. Shape Capacity Size (mm) Material
D-10 Round 10ml Ø62 * H38 MS
D-15 Round 15ml Ø62 * H38 MS
D-20 Round 20ml Ø62 * H38 MS
D-30 Round 30ml Ø62 * H50 MS
D-50 Round 50ml Ø71 * H55 MS
D-60 Round 60ml Ø71 * H56 MS
D-70 Round 70ml Ø62 * H80 MS
D-100 Round 100ml Ø92 * H58 MS
D-150 Round 150ml Ø92 * H70 MS
D-200 Round 200ml Ø92 * H86 MS
E-15 Round 15ml Ø32 * H102 MS
E-30 Round 30ml Ø37 * H115 MS
E-50 Round 50ml Ø37 * H136 MS
E-100 Round 100ml Ø50 * H157 MS
E-120 Round 120ml Ø46 * H178 MS
E-200 Round 200ml Ø58 * H182 MS

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