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The conflict between luxury and environmentally friendly cosmetic packaging

No one can resist pretty things, especially in the cosmetic packaging industry, and only luxury packaging can increase consumer's desire to shop. COSJAR is a cosmetic packaging supplier that has been providing luxury cosmetic packaging solutions to cosmetic companies worldwide.

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For years, COSJAR has been developing high standards of cosmetic packaging to achieve customer's needs, regardless material or functionality development. However, people's awareness of environment protection has prompted cosmetic companies to use recycled material to replace plastic cosmetic container packaging. The problem with luxury when it comes to the environment is that the quality of the materials is sometimes not good enough, and this presents a dilemma to brands too.

  • cosmetics container
  • cosmetics container
  • cosmetics container
  • cosmetics container
  • cosmetics container

"Lately we have been receiving inquiries about using eco-friendly packaging materials to make cosmetic bottles or containers. Think about it, when those non recyclable materials, wood, bamboo, corn and biodegradable plastic, are used to fabricate bottles and containers, how many trees and forests are destroyed? The fact that it's not recyclable is not wasteful?" said Fifi Chia, sales manager from cosmetic packaging dept. of KK Group. "To me, an environmentally friendly material should be easily & completely recycled and reused for making other products such as PP, PE & PET.", she says.

Currently COSJAR team has been working hard on innovating new PP, PET bottles and jars but keeping luxury look. "Cosmetic company's image and brand can't be ruined due to the switch of packaging material. It would be a disaster to them." said Ms. Chia.

There are many factors for consumers to buy cosmetics products, it can be the price, the quality or some other reasons, thus it’s hard to meet the demands 100%. Yet consumer's recycling style determines each cosmetic container’s destiny in the end. An environmentally friendly act should start with accurate recycling; an eco product without proper waste handling is meaningless. Consumers also have to take their responsibility to earth, not just blame to packaging suppliers.

“Well, no matter how cosmetic packaging solutions change, COSJAR will keep going to make efforts to create & design beautiful cosmetic packaging in the beauty industry”, said Fifi Chia.

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