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COSJAR 2020 Cosmetic Bottle & container collections

Eco-Friendly. Double Wall. Vacuum Cosmetic Containers And Bottles

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2020 Crystal Reflection & Midnight Party & Morning Whisper

New cosmetic bottle and jar collection is available now! For 2020, COJAR has implemented new technologies and designs to help their customers get buyers' attention. They include new surface finishing, double wall cosmetic bottle design, and Eco-friendly material implementation. In the beauty industry, cosmetic bottles and containers is one of the factors that influence women's purchasingdecision. COSJAR, with 20+ years of cosmetic container design and quality production process, makes your cosmetics look marvelous.

Crystal Reflection

Round Shape Acrylic Luxury Cosmetic & Skincare Packaging - Crystal Reflection series

Acrylic Round Dispensing Bottles & Cream Jars. Bottle capacity:30ml-100ml, Jar:10ml-50ml

COSJAR's cosmetic container crystal reflection series
Item No.ShapeCapacitySize (mm)Material
E-30-CRound30 mlØ37 * H122 mmMS
E-50-CRound50 mlØ37 * H143 mmMS
E-100-CRound100 mlØ44 * H191 mmMS
D-10/15/20-CRound10/15/20 mlØ62 * H38 mmMS
D-30-CRound30 mlØ62 * H50 mmMS
D-50-CRound50 mlØ71 * H55 mmMS

Midnight Party

In this serie, we have round acrylic cream jar. For 10ml & 15ml jar, we provide two kinds of jars: one is higher and the other one is shorter. Regarding the caps, there are two options also, one is regular cap and the height of the other cap is thicker, it give us a luxury imagine. We have 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 60ml, 70ml.

It is suitable to put the cream, powder, lotion inside. The PE liner could change to the sifter. We have also two kinds of spatula to choose.

COSJAR's cosmetic container midnight party series
Item No.ShapeCapacitySize (mm)Material
LCD-10/15-ARound10/15 mlØ49 * H43 mmMS
LCD-10/15/20Round10/15/20 mlØ62 * H38 mmMS
LCD-30Round30 mlØ62 * H50 mmMS
LCD-50Round50 mlØ71 * H57 mmMS
LCD-60Round60 mlØ71 * H58 mmMS
LCD-70Round70 mlØ62 * H81 mmMS
LCD-50-HRound50 mlØ71 * H66 mmMS
LCD-60-HRound60 mlØ71 * H67 mmMS

Morning Whisper

The airless monolayer bottle is the most popular serie. If you are looking for eco-friendly and do not waste any dip of lotion. The airless bottle is the best choice for you. We offer PP and PETG bottles in various volumes ranging from 15 ml, 30ml, 50 ml. Regarding the decoration, we are able to do spray coating, printing, hot stamping and color injection. All you need to do is choose the pantone color, our team would match it accordingly.

COSJAR's cosmetic container morning whisper series
Item No.ShapeCapacitySize (mm)Material
ARP-15Round/Airless15 mlØ33 * H93 mmPP
ARP-30Round/Airless30 mlØ33 * H113 mmPP
ARP-50Round/Airless50 mlØ33 * H143 mmPP
ARP-15-LRound/Airless15 mlØ33 * H93 mmPP
ARP-30-LRound/Airless30 mlØ33 * H113 mmPP
ARP-50-LRound/Airless50 mlØ33 * H143 mmPP
ARG-30Round/Airless30 mlØ33 * H117 mmPETG
ARG-50Round/Airless50 mlØ33 * H147 mmPETG
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