• Snowy White (PP Material Cosmetic Packaging Series)

Snowy White (PP Material Cosmetic Packaging Series)

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Snowy White (PP Material Cosmetic Packaging Series) (snowy-white)

Cosmetic Packaging Collection - Snowy White
SDF / SBF Series

VDF Series / SDF Series / SBF Series

Like the snowy white skin of a fair lady: soft, mild, and noble. In the same manner, the packaging will convince your customers that they can be as beautiful as your products!
[PP Lotion Bottle and Cream Jar Packaging Collection. Bottle capacity from 15ml to 120ml, Jar capacity from 15ml to 50ml.]


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Item No.Shape:Capacity:Size (mm):Material:
SBF-15 Square 15ml L34 * W31 * H113 PP
SBF-30 Square 30ml L34 * W31 * H136 PP
SBF-60 Square 60ml L48 * W42 * H160 PP
SBF-120 Square 120ml L48 * W42 * H170 PP
SDF-15 Square 15ml L63 * W57 * H39 PP
SDF-30 Square 30ml L63 * W57 * H47 PP
SDF-50 Square 50ml L71 * W66 * H51 PP
VDF-15 Oval 15ml L68 * W58 * H38 PP
VDF-30 Oval 30ml L68 * W58 * H46 PP
VDF-50 Oval 50ml L76 * W68 * H50 PP

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