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COSJAR 2020 Cosmetic Bottle & container collections

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2020 Crystal Reflection & Midnight Party & Morning Whisper

New cosmetic bottle and jar collection is available now! For 2020, COJAR has implemented new technologies and designs to help their customers get buyers' attention. They include new surface finishing, double wall cosmetic bottle design, and Eco-friendly material implementation. In the beauty industry, cosmetic bottles and containers is one of the factors that influence women's purchasingdecision. COSJAR, with 20+ years of cosmetic container design and quality production process, makes your cosmetics look marvelous.

Jelly Fish

jellyfish series

Jelly Fish TB is a series of double wall cosmetic bottles and jars that brings an oceanic and delightful atmosphere - with sophistication. The cutting-edge Jelly Fish cosmetic bottle is applied with plastic (PP) electroplating technology to present a high quality look. The round shaped lid's size is designed to allow buyers to print out their logos with flexible sizes; the round square body shape is great for printing and bronzing, and it gives a good grasp when holding it.

The double wall cosmetic bottle and jar is made of acrylic and PP, which permit diverse surface finishing including printing silk screen, hot stamping and electroplating - inside and outside. The intelligent opening method is a great way to maintain cosmetic’s hygiene. There are 4 various sizes (15ml, 20ml, 30ml, and 60ml) with multiple selections of colors.

Jelly fish, TD & TB series
Item No.ShapeCapacitySize (mm)Material
TB-15/20Square15/20 mlØ37 * H107MS
TB-30Square30 mlØ39 * H137MS
TB-60Square50 mlØ44 * H166MS
TD-10/15/20Square10/15/20 mlØ67 * H46MS
TD-30Square30 mlØ67 * H59MS
TD-50/60Square50/60 mlØ76 * H68MS

Starry Dream

starry dream series

Graceful, tasteful Starry Dream is a series of cosmetic containers that would dazzle your eyes, and they are favored by women.

The sparkling and diamond-like lid is conducted using electroplating technology to create the shiny or foggy look. Multiple colors are available with color injection and electroplating technology.

Special offer now – no charge for mold making, only lid surface treatment!

COSJAR's cosmetic container Starry Dream series
Item No.ShapeCapacitySize (mm)Material
A-20/30Round20/30 mlØ70 * H50MS
A-50Round50 mlØ74 * H64MS
A2-50Round50 mlØ82 * H54MS
DS-15/20Round15/20 mlØ62 * H38MS
DS-30Round30 mlØ65 * H48MS
DS-50Round50 mlØ62 * H65MS
DS-70Round70 mlØ62 * H80MS
FB-15Oval15 mlØ40 * W36 * H121MS
FB-30Oval30 mlØ40 * W36 * H147MS

Pure Angel

Pure Angel series

Eco-friendly, cost-saving vacuum cosmetic bottle is made of PP, which is recyclable everywhere in the world. It is suitable for lotion, meets good hygiene requirements. Only color injection is applicable, available colors selections.

COSJAR's cosmetic container Pure Angle series
Item No.ShapeCapacitySize (mm)Material
PK-15Round15 mlØ32 * H79PP
PK-30Round30 mlØ32 * H103PP
PK-50-1Round50 mlØ32 * H135PP
PK-50-2Round50 mlØ50 * H96PP
PK-100Round100 mlØ50 * H128PP
PK-150Round150 mlØ50 * H161PP
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