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COSJAR has more than 300 cosmetic container moulds with plenty of sizes, and they make certified cosmetic containers to ensure your cosmetic bottles are manufactured with high quality materials.


1.COSJAR's 2015 Outlook Of Cosmetic Bottle And Jar

COSJAR's 2015 Outlook -
Eco-Friendly and Beautiful Cosmetic Bottle and Jar


COSJAR thanks you all for the support and caring to allow us grew in 2014! We have had some interesting products in the past year, but we won't stop there. Delivering new ideas, new images, and best service possible to our beloved friends and customers, is something we will be doing persistently.

In 2014, COSJAR launched a brand new product – 30ml PP Airless Bottle, ARP-30. With this new concept, we had emigrated COSJAR’s high end quality to a more economical material. Even with this new material, we still maintain our QC and quality so that it serves the purpose of packing skincare cosmetics for our clients. Another attempt into new design on economic material is the EP-150 series. This new bottle comes with pump or screw cap, and is available in injected colors. Another new product that has received many enquiries is the new RD jars. With the improved jar cap shape; this new jar comes with a full opaque dome, available in metallization, original white and spray color decoration. We keep the original RD Jar body in our product line to enrich the overall combinations.

  • COSJAR's 2015 outlook of cosmetic jar
  • COSJAR's 2015 outlook of cosmetic jar

Now, as we step into 2015, we will add in the ARP series with 15ml and 50ml options, so the whole series of 15ml, 30ml, and 50ml bottles will be completed. The new capacity will allow skincare manufacturers to apply them to a broader product range. Furthermore, a yet to be named new series will be launched in 2015 as well, you can be sure that they will revolutionize COSJAR's current packaging product line. As a tradition, this new line will also be compatible with the existing jar bodies to create multiple looks. And there could be some unexpected change to the above updates as well; maybe one or two new items will be coming out too? Be sure to check our updates regularly to find out!

So, even having achieved much in 2014, in the coming year, the COSJAR brand and our sales team will continue to excel and deliver more value to your product, and enhance our service to satisfy you even more. Please contact us should you have any question or enquiry regarding skincare packaging and our products. You may reach us on anytime at package@taiwankk.com.tw. COSJAR wish you a merry and prosperous 2015!

  • COSJAR's 2015 outlook of cosmetic bottles
  • COSJAR's 2015 outlook of cosmetic bottles

2.New Jar Concept In A Non-Traditional Design Guaranteed To Stand Out

New jar concept in a non-traditional design guaranteed to stand out


Cosmetic- and personal care product-centred Gidea, a Chinese firm with a variety of innovative market solutions available, has developed a new jar concept in a non-traditional design guaranteed to garner attention on the shelf. When seen from the top down, the cap seems to evince the same image as starry sky, converting it into an attractive and unique proposition for packaging creams, gels, and more.

The double wall jar is an excellent choice for products requiring extra protection. Also, you can decorate the jar by color spraying, printing and metallization and do a custom emboss logo or hot-stamping on the top of cap. The jars are available in capacities of 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, and 50ml. We will launch this new series jar (starry series) on the Cosme Innovation Show in Tokyo, Japan during June 27-29, 2012. Welcome to visit our booth on West Hall 9-38 and look forward to seeing you there!

Cosjar cosmetic packages

3.Cosjar's Shiny Luxury Series

New Cosmetic Container Design - Shiny Luxury Series

  • Cosjar's shiny luxury series
  • Cosjar's shiny luxury series

KK group has developed their luxury E & TD series round jars/bottles that are combinable with lovely ball shaped closures that will catch the customers' first attention.

They are classical & elegant design image, ideal for exclusive selecting markets in skin-care fields. Complete sizes of bottles & jars can be customized with different colours or metalizing options for making your packaging more attractive!

The TD jar is available in size of 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml & 60ml. And the E bottle is available in size of 15ml, 30ml, 50ml 100ml, 120ml & 200ml.

Taiwan KK is a leading professional manufacturer of high-end cosmetic containers in Taiwan and has been praised by many worldwide cosmetic companies. Their main activities are mould making, plastic injection, assembling production and custom decoration. Vacuum bottles, PP and PET bottles are also their specialties.

COSJAR has more than 300 cosmetic container moulds with plenty of sizes, and they make certified cosmetic containers to ensure your cosmetic bottles are manufactured with high quality materials.

Cosjar cosmetic packages

Company overview

Cosjar cosmetic packages

TAIWAN K.K. established in 1976, is a leading manufacturer (ISO 9001 Certified) of top quality crystal clear acrylic containers for skin care / cosmetics products (Cosjar). We focus on solving packaging problems with innovation and flexibility, continue to create new-trend design for aesthetic demands of Beauty market.

Established in 1993, TAIXING K.K. is one of subsidiaries of TAIWAN K. K. Corp in mainland China. We specialize in designing, developing and manufacturing all kinds of lotion dispensing pumps and Roll-ons, which are widely applicable for beauty, hair-dressing and washing-up products (TKPC).

Impelled by excellent human resources, systematic and organized management, K.K. people will always be ready to provide customers high quality products and services. Customers' satisfaction will be definitely our greatest success. We have done the best to keep us ahead in this beauty field, hopefully to make a splendid future together with you.

Cosjar cosmetic packages


COSJAR - Ideal for face cream, body lotion, eye gel, serum, foundation, toner, cleanser & hair care products. Comprehensive 22 series in shapes of square, oval, pyramid & round bottles, jars & droppers, size from 10ml to 200ml. They create gentle, elegant and prestige image with double layer design.

TKPC - PUMP DISPENSER - Patented pumps with counter tamper design and water shield function will surely protect your products. Additionally, our TKPC series, multifunctional pumps, with anti-back flow function are now widely adopted by Johnson&Johnson, Unilever, Henkel, Nivea, Revlon, Kao and so on.

ROPAC - ROLL-ON - Different sizes & shapes available, with no leakage.

Cosjar cosmetic packages
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