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If It's COSJAR's, It's Got To Be The Best Cosmetic Bottles In The Cosmetics Packaging Market.

COSJAR, Cosmetic Containers Are Designed With Great Taste And Sophistication

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Cosmetic Bottles, Bottle Dispenser and Jars Manufacturer - COSJAR

COSJAR, one of the subsidiaries of K.K. Group Corp. that was founded in 2001, is dedicated to manufacturing sophisticated cosmetic bottles and jars for cosmetic companies. For more than eight years, COSJAR has taken pride in providing their customers with the best quality of plastic cosmetic bottles and cosmetic jars, the highest level of customer service, and on-time delivery. COSJAR produces millions of plastic cosmetic bottles and jars every year, and PP, PV, PETG and MS are the plastic materials they use to manufacture the perfect cosmetic packaging for your product. Their cosmetic bottles and jars can be found in every major cosmetic company globally.

Customers are the most important asset of COSJAR and they ensure their clients are happy with their cosmetic bottles and jars procurement.

COSJAR's factory
The Factory of COSJAR (Jiang-Yan K. K. Plastic Co., Ltd.)

COSJAR Cosmetic Container Designs To Capture Women's Eyes

What’s the trend of cosmetic packing à la mode? What are the new cosmetic container inventions for cosmetic companies? How to make plastic cosmetic bottles and jars more environmentally friendly? What kind of new material can replace plastic cosmetic bottles? COSJAR's design team is always searching and developing new methods or materials to fabricate cosmetic bottles and jars in order to achieve clients' market needs. One of the resources for keeping their designs up-to-date is by way of attending major cosmetic packaging trade shows every year, including HBA GLOBAL EXPO, COSMOPROF in Hong Kong, Bologna and Las Vegas, Cosmex Thailand, COSME TECH and CITE JAPAN, etc.

COSJAR design team specializes in developing cosmetic jars and cosmetic bottles that create a link between its clients and their target audiences. The design team analyses the sales message while developing the most effective method of cosmetic trend. Its designers are extremely skilled in their work to provide cosmetic containers that are best suited to promote their cosmetics. COSJAR design team firmly believes that their ability to create quality work in a cost effective and time efficient manner have consistently made them one of the top five cosmetic container companies in Taiwan.

    For great performance of cosmetic bottles or jars, the following factors should be considered and COSJAR is able to do it all :
  • The shapes and looks should be practical and appealing to the female in different ages, regions and culture.
  • Fragrant odor is the significance of cosmetic. To some cosmetics, the fragrant odor is the "product". If the fragrance is gone, the product will be gone as well. Thus to keep the fragrance is the most important task to some cosmetic companies.
  • To be eco-friendly; exploring different cosmetic container materials such as recyclable paper, glass or wood to substitute plastic.
  • Working in a contamination-free environment To assert a clear surface of cosmetic containers of cosmetic containers.

COSJAR's Clients Are From Everywhere

Over several years in business, COSJAR has served a great number of satisfied clients and different types of buyers such as:

plastic cosmetic bottles
Variety of moulds for your options

COSJAR Production Capability - Thousands of Moulds for Your Options

COSJAR has more than 300 family sets of cosmetic bottles and cosmetic jars. Each set cosmetic contains 7 pieces with 4 sizes of bottles, and 3 sizes of jars with oval, round and square shapes. COSJAR possesses more than 1,000 moulds, which presents their cosmetic bottles and jars variation. The full selection ensures the satisfaction of their customers is 100% guaranteed.

COSJAR manufactures cosmetic bottles and cosmetic jars that meets SVHS for European market.

Their Protection for the Environment – Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

As a cosmetic packaging bottles and cosmetic jars manufacturer, COSJAR recognizes that the protection of our environment and health, the safeguarding of our forests, and the responsible use of natural resources are critically important to our future. Therefore, COSJAR puts effort to save the environment by making sure

  • Working no over time
  • Plant more trees
  • Use recycled paper for packing the cosmetic containers
  • Zero damage of cosmetic containers to reduce the wastes and redundancy
  • Develop substitute cosmetic bottle material to replace plastic

Fabrication to Decoration -- Vertical Integration Service

With over 20,000m2 of production space, their manufacturing capability and experience cover all cosmetic bottles and jars requirements for various decorations.

  • gold and silver electroplating
  • cosmetic packaging
  • The color could be appointed for mass production according to your company's demands.
  • Available for doing the extinction process on the misty surface both interiorly and exteriorly.
  • Logo or content available with silk-screen printing or gilding treatment.
  • Gold or silver electroplating.
  • Spray-painting in metalized effect.
  • Both the cap and the body of the cosmetic container adopting the isolated-layer protection packing with polylone & cardboard to protect from rubbing, knocking, and other damage occurred during transportation.
    Application :
  1. Importing Pumps for Lotion Bottle
  2. TKPC® Water Shield Lotion Pump
  3. ROPAC® Roll On Packaging
  4. COSJAR® Man Made Crystal Jar
  5. Plastic Drum

Series : Lotion, Shampoo, Daily commodities such as face cream, body lotion, eye gel, serum, foundation, toner, cleanser & hair care products

Packaging products : Liquid type of industrial chemicals packing.

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