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Cosmetic Container Design and Material

Cosmetic Container Design and Material



Cosmetic Container Design

Besides being attractive, a cosmetic package is also expected to deliver other benefits such as portability and ease of use. A special package for a compact will help the consumer feel like she’s getting her money’s worth. A chic cosmetic container package that can double as an accessory is much more alluring than a plain black pot. New developments are also happening to add value to cosmetic containers as you can see from those leading cosmetic companies including Sisley, La Mer, Bioque, Fresca, Elevenboutique, Nutrimetics, Gatineau, Crystal Clear, RIVAGE, Freeze 24-7 and Dessange, etc.

Cosmetic Container Colors

Cosmetic marketers generally approach a decorator with a firmly-established design and decoration idea that is rarely subject to adjustment based on technical considerations. Consultant of COSJAR notes that some cosmetic marketers have started to work with color suppliers directly to determine what color applications are practical instead of working from general color charts. In several cases, a cosmetic company has approached a decorator and specified the exact color desired as available from a specific supplier.


Cosmetic Container Materials

Many cosmetic marketers, however, do not specify extremely customized bottles, although they still strive to develop a unique, enticing container. For cosmetic container material, PP, PE have been used widely and MS is used to replace glass for it's weight. Gold usage on cosmetic containers has increased as a result of the trend away from lead-bearing colors. Heavy-metals and packaging issues have driven Revlon to develop ENVIROGLUV technology which uses heavy-metal-free UV curable colors to decorate glass bottles. Paper or mylar labels are added to drug vials or ampules rather than screen printing, the identification band at the top is also critical to pharmaceutical companies as an internal control when packaging drugs. In many cases, pharmaceutical companies have listed specific colors for identification and control on a New Drug Application, and this would require major bureaucratic efforts to issue changes.



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